Lock Out - Tag Out (acronym: LOTO) or Lock Out - Tag Out - Try Out (acronym: LOTOTO) or Lock and Tag (block and tag) is a security procedure used in industry and research environments aimed at ensure that potentially dangerous devices are properly switched off and cannot be started until the completion of maintenance or repair work, either voluntarily or unintentionally.

This simple and safe precaution prevents the accidental start of a machine while it is in a potentially dangerous state or while a worker is in direct contact with it. A common feature of these devices is the bright color, usually red, to increase visibility and allow workers to easily see if a device is isolated.

Quality Lockout-Tagout devices are also designed and manufactured to prevent them from being removed with moderate force and if a keyless operator removes it forcibly, it must be visible that it has been tampered with. The operator actually holds the key for unlocking, so only he can remove the lock and start the machine. Machinery and devices must be "isolated and inoperative" before starting work both on the network and on the equipment in question. Power sources are then blocked and a tag is placed on the padlock that identifies the worker who placed it.


Among the various Professional Mario devices it offers padlocks, locking units, labels of all types and kits to ensure that you can work in perfect safety by following the right procedures.

The Lockout-Tagout is used in all industrial and research sectors as a safe method to work on dangerous equipment (for release of stored energy in general, electricity, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure, radiation, burning and anyway harmful liquids, steam, extremely hot or cold surfaces, poisonous or explosive gases, gravity fall, mechanisms such as presses, gears, fans, conveyor belts, etc.) and is compulsory by law in the most advanced industrialized countries in terms of safety in the workplace.

In the European Union the guidelines are based on the US OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standard. Specifically, the EU Guideline 89/655 in paragraph 2.14 states that "each piece of equipment must be equipped with clearly visible devices with which it can be separated from any energy source." This implies that all machinery in the workplace must be equipped with permanent LOTO solutions for simple but at the same time safe Lockout-Tagout procedures.

The European standard EN 50110-1 also establishes the safety procedure before working on electrical equipment.



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